"I have been in the Consumer Good Packaging Industry for the past 10 years. This is an Industry that shifts and progresses from moment to moment with new technologies and techniques. Greg from MSI FLEXIBLE PACKAGING is THE STANDARD for knowledge, assistance and resources for any and all understanding of the Flexible Packaging Industry. Greg's knowledge of the Flexible Packaging Industry is comprehensive and extensive and facilitates everything from high barrier profiles to less extensive films. I consider him to be the expert in this industry. I would highly recommend MSI for any and all of your flexible packaging requirements."

Brian Scharr, Shelf Appeal


MSI Flexible Packaging offers wholesale flexible packaging solutions to meet your needs in a variety of industries, including food, garden, pets, household, medical, and more.

Packaging: Matching you to the perfect solution

Our extensive, global network of contacts means geography is not a barrier when it comes to your packaging needs.  When we work together, we truly listen to you.  We ask probing questions to make sure we drill down to what’s important to you and in your situation. Are you bringing a lawn and garden product to market and need packaging that can withstand being in the sun without fading or melting?  Are you upgrading your existing packaging to become more environmentally friendly?  Do you want packaging that is sturdy but easy to open?  Each of these situations means its own solution.  We never make assumptions, which can result in the wrong packaging for your needs. Instead, we listen and then use our industry knowledge to guide you to the perfect solution.

Design: Addressing your design questions and needs

We can work with your creative design team to ensure your packaging looks amazing.  We can provide guidance and insight to help your designer turn that design into just the right element for your package.  Or, if you don’t have a designer or design team, we can connect you to ours.  Our relationships mean you don’t have to hunt around for professionals to help you get your vision on paper.

Strategy: Helping plan your move from traditional, rigid to modern, flexible packaging

If you have been using traditional, rigid packaging, you may be interested in moving to flexible packaging — a smart move, by the way! Flexible packaging is more cost effective, convenient, and sustainable than traditional, rigid packaging.  We can help you with your strategy to move from your current packaging to flexible packaging so you can take advantage of all the opportunities flexible packaging offers.