Earlier this year I met an enterprising food entrepreneur who was offering his organic product in a plain pouch.  He had affixed a pressure sensitive label to it.  Alas, he was keen on moving ahead with a custom printed solution. He was steadily adding to his customer base and was successful at the farmer’s markets.  It was time to hit the shelf at the grocery.  Problem was he only needed 3,000 printed bags to start, and had 3 items.  Loosely put, we were short a “couple of zeros” in terms of quantity we readily support.  We agreed to chat some more and I left the meeting without solving a problem.  I greatly enjoy solving customer problems.

A couple of days later, a trade publication came in the mail. As I ate lunch and pushed through the pages, I came across a small paragraph that outlined details for production of stand up pouches printed digitally.  Processing flexible materials requires several steps not the least of which is printing, lamination and pouch making.  In a traditional sense, these steps lead us to a simple conclusion: That in order for the costing to make sense, we’ve got to process longer runs.

Not anymore.  Long story short, I spoke at length to the provider, and then called the customer and explained the process of solving his package challenge; and put forth a digital solution.

We look forward to seeing his digitally printed stand up zipper pouch in the store this summer! We are happy to advise this project was a delicious Little Handful.