When it comes to putting your product in a package, design will be a key factor that will influence your customer’s buying decision. Design can evoke an emotional response and create a connection with the buyer. So you want to make sure your product packaging design is a winner.

Your product packaging will influence its design, so it’s important to work closely with your packaging supplier to come in on budget and reduce design costs.

At MSI Flexible Packaging, we can help you have a beautiful design experience by suggesting a designer or working with your designer. We are happy to provide you or your designer with a layout to make the design process easier to reduce the likelihood your designer will produce a design that doesn’t work with the packaging you’ve chosen.

We provide layout help to your designer

In addition to the layout we can provide, we are happy to speak with your designer and share a time-saving resource sheet with packaging design tips and pointers. This helpful resource can save your designer a lot of work and can help produce a design that works well for your packaging.

In addition to the artwork and words on your package, the creative design also is where you determine the type of finish for your produce. Do you want a satin finish or gloss or metal? These design considerations help make your product packaging nice so it stands out and attracts the eye of your buyer.

Your package can have as many as 10 colors

Color, of course, is another design consideration. Your designer will need to know how many colors can be included in the design, as that will influence the work the designer produces. When you work with us, your design can have as many as 10 colors, which means your designer has plenty of design flexibility when it comes to color.

We use our vast global network to match you with the best packaging solution for your needs, as we work with a variety of factories that have a range of capabilities to accommodate your design preferences such as color, finish, and more.

Do you have questions about the design of your package for your product? Give us a call at 650-266-8255 and we’ll be happy to answer.