We help you bring your packaging project in on time and on budget.



We work very closely or one might say ‘hand-in-hand’ with our customers to assist with packaging selection to ensure they are using the most efficient packaging possible.

We are keenly interested in this area, and offer honest consultation to help you plan your packaging strategy to move from concept to finished product.  Along the way we enjoy design collaboration, materials evaluation, production planning and process integration.

MSI Flexible Packaging will help you plan your product packaging and branding strategy, to take advantage of the benefits of flexible packaging.  Flexible Packaging pouches have a variety of uses and there are many opportunities for your product.

Transitioning to this type of packaging can help you get your product ready for retail opportunities in Costco, Grocery, and more.

In addition to the above benefits, flexible packaging also offers:

Product Security


Reduced transportation costs

Branding opportunities

Broad demographic appeal

Pouches are finding applications as replacements for:

Rigid Packaging | Stand Up Zipper Pouches

Canned Goods | Retort Pouches

Bottled Products | Spouted Pouches (Dry Free Flowing Granules & Liquids)

Line Extensions | Enhanced by introducing a pouch as part of a line extension.


Flexible packaging is suitable for use in a variety of retail and sales settings, including:



Club Store

Convenience Store

Private Brands

Food Service

Herbal Medicine


Flexible packaging offers many possibilities


Consider all the material substrates and elements to flexible packaging:

Many Pouch Styles | Zippers | Sliders | K Style Bottom Gusset | Doyen Style Bottom Gusset | Demet Metallic / Clear Window | Roll-Fed Horizontal Fill | Roll-Fed Vertical Fill | Matte Finish | Gloss Finish | Registered Combination Matte/ Gloss Finish | Clear and Frosted Windows | Stock Pouches

Substrates: Kraft | Pet | OPP | Met PET | LLDPE | Foil

Popcorn | Dried Fruit | Nuts | RTE Cereal | Croutons | Dry Soups | Dry Seasoning Mix | Dry Beverage | Salad Dressing | Ethnic Cuisine | Medicinal | Baby Food | Whey Protein | Breakfast Bars | Nutrition Gels | Frozen Chicken | Frozen Seafoods | Coffee Bags | Tea Sachets | Savory Snacks | Candy | Cough Lozenges | Medical Devices | Lawn Care | Garden Fertilizer | Soil | Consumer Electronics |


Let’s develop your strategy to move from traditional, rigid packaging to flexible packaging. Give us a call at 650-465-0043 to get started.