Packaging serves many specific purposes. It isn’t just about look, but about function. Here are several purposes of packaging. Consider these when deciding on your product packaging project.

Protection: One of packaging’s primary duties is to protect what is inside. If you can’t protect the product, how will it reach the customer? Packaging must be sturdy and strong enough to protect during transport, as it will be handled several times and often be stored in various places such as cargo hold or warehouse. If there is no packaging, the product will have no protection.

Safety: Your packaging must keep the product safe for the consumer. Food packaging, for instance, must pass stringent requirements to protect the food from contamination. Packaging must protect against leakage, microorganisms, and other issues.

Branding: Your packaging is the visual identity of your brand, and as such, it includes your logo and/or other artwork, name, and other information. The look of the packaging should be attractive and inviting to your target customer.

Legality: Different types of products have different legal packaging requirements. Those include, but are not limited to ingredients, expiration date, and size of serving, for food. Packaging also includes weight, as well as other information.

Freshness: Packaging helps to protect the freshness of your food products. If you can’t protect the freshness, you will ruin your product’s chances for success, as nobody wants to buy stale food. Packaging can help to keep the food inviting and tasting great.

Packaging is a necessary and important factor in the success of your product. If your product doesn’t have a package, in many instances, there simply is no way to sell it. When choosing to take a product to market, packaging should be one of the first considerations, as there are many variations within packaging and the packaging option you choose could mean the difference between success and failure of your product.

A consumer study showed that one-third of purchasing decisions are made because of packaging, so your product packaging cannot be an afterthought. It is an investment in your product’s success.

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