Size is a primary consideration when deciding on packaging for your product. Size affects user experience, deliverability, and consumer satisfaction. The wrong size packaging can have an impact on your bottom line, as you may find that too big of a package may mean you are paying for packaging you don’t need, while too small of a package means you are not able to fit your product in the way it needs to be fit.

Choosing the wrong size packaging can be the difference between on budget or blown budget.

So how do you decide on the right size for your product packaging?

There is no one-size-fits all answer, which is why it helps to work with a knowledgeable packaging team. At MSI Flexible Packaging, we put our years of industry experience and knowledge to work for you. When customers come to us, one of their first questions is, “What size package do I need?”

Rather than launch into a sales pitch or try to push you to use something based on a preconceived notion, we investigate by asking questions. We start with asking, “What are you using now, if anything?”

If you already have packaging, consider the size you are using now and ask whether it works. Even if you will be changing the packaging, if the size works, then you may want to keep it. However, if you find that your current size does not work for any number of reasons, then changing the size even as you change packaging is a smart move. If the size does not work, ask why not? Is it too big or too small? What problems does this size cause?

If you don’t have a size you are using, then consider the needs of the consumer and this product. Will one item per package work or does it need to contain multiple numbers of items per package? Have you seen anything in the marketplace that may be to your liking or that you’ve found that you want to emulate? Using a product you’ve seen elsewhere as a model for the size you like can provide a good frame of reference.

If you simply know nothing about sizes or would like to see what the options are, we’ve got you covered. If you are uncertain about sizes, we can send you samples in a stepped library of sizes. From there, you may select among the stepped sizes and take a look and see if one of those sizes meets your criteria. Once you find the size that meets your criteria, we can go from there to select the right type of packaging for your needs.

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