Packaging just may be the deciding factor in whether a consumer purchases your product or not.

So it’s got to be right. A study cited by The Paper Worker showed that packaging affects one-third of buying decisions. The packaging can entice the consumer to give your product a try, or it can push your potential customer away. If you don’t have the right packaging, your product may never even reach the consumer. It may get hung up at customs or come apart during shipping.

At MSI Flexible Packaging, we know just how important it is to get your packaging right. That is why we work to understand your needs and then match the right packaging to your situation.

When you have an idea for a product, or you actually have the product and are ready to package it for mass production or to upgrade your current packaging, you may be wondering what you should consider.

Here are three primary packaging considerations:

1. What is the use?

What will the packaging be used for? Use will help determine whether your package should be able to withstand certain environmental conditions, have suitability for children or special populations, be easy to use, etc.

2. What are the requirements and regulations?

Whether you plan to sell your product locally or to an international audience, there are certain requirements your packaging will need to fulfill. These are important considerations. If your packaging fails to fulfill requirements such as what must go on the label or regulations such as those governing sanitation, you could find yourself with a lot of returns on your hands or product you are unable to sell.

3. What will be inside the package?

Of course it helps to think through what your packaging will contain. Will it hold a single item or several items? Will it contain something perishable? Will it hold something that needs to be protected from moving and bouncing around so it doesn’t break? What is actually inside the package helps determine the type of package you will need.

These are three questions you want to consider when deciding on the right packaging for your needs. To discuss these and other important needs for your packaging program, give us a call at 650-266-8255.