When it comes to packaging your product, the packaging process can be intimidating, time-consuming, and a bit overwhelming. That is why it helps to have a knowledgeable packaging team on your side. If you are involved in the process right now or you have been involved in product packaging in the past, then you know how quickly the project cost and timeline can spiral out of control. This can result in missed production and order deadlines, lost contracts, and unhappy customers. It’s a nightmare.

At MSI Flexible Packaging, we have smoothly guided many customers through the process of determining and producing the right packaging for their needs. And we’ve also had to clean up failed packaging processes after customers have had their product packaging process ruined by an inexperienced packaging supplier elsewhere.

So we know.

That is why we take care to understand your particular situation. In our years in this business, we have visited factories around the world and worked with production teams in a range of industries, so we know many of the challenges of the work. Because of that, we can guide you toward the best options for your situation. You may have a question about the type of finish to use for your package. We can discuss that with you, and help you determine whether glossy, satin, or matte finish is best.

Everything was always glossy for years. And while that may be the default finish, it’s important to know you have other options. Matte, for instance, is a relatively new phenomenon, and it may fit your situation, especially if you offer an organic, non-GMO, or environmentally friendly product.

At MSI Flexible Packaging, our process starts with you. From the time you contact us, we never make assumptions. Instead, we ask targeted questions to help get a complete picture of your packaging needs. Do you have packaging now that you are upgrading from or is this a completely new process? Do you know the size of packaging you need? What will the packaging be used for? What kind of quantity do you need? How will the product be shipped? These and other questions help us to guide you to options that work for you.

If you are ready to get your packaging done right, email us at info@msiflexiblepkg.com to get started.