"MSI does an excellent job at supplying most of our flexible packaging needs. Greg is a great resource, and is always available to answer questions and offer guidance... we are always impressed by MSI’s responsiveness and professionalism. Thank you, Greg!" ~Shawn Fisher

Our Commitment


At MSI Flexible Packaging, we take a personal, consultative approach to your packaging project. We put our years of industry experience into your packaging program to ensure the best possible result. How do we do that?  We skillfully guide you through the process so you get the packaging you want and that meets your needs.  We do this because we’ve seen far too many instances where packaging projects were severely over budget, delivered well past the promised time, and did not meet expectations.  We’ve seen this because we’re the ones others turn-to for assistance in correcting packaging problems.

That is why we pride ourselves on helping you get your packaging done right. We lend our expertise to your project, by making recommendations based on your vision and needs, and our industry knowledge.  We know many of the challenges you may face, because we’ve already helped many others.

 We will do whatever it takes to help you get packaging, done right.

That is our commitment to you and to your packaging program.