"MSI does an excellent job at supplying most of
our flexible packaging needs. Greg is a great resource, and is always available
to answer questions and offer guidance... we are always
impressed by MSI’s responsiveness and professionalism. Thank you, Greg!" ~Shawn
Fisher, The Spice Hunter


Package graphic design is an important part of any successful packaging program.  While not designers ourselves, there is an important connection between design and production that we believe is important to delivering an enjoyable experience for our customers as well as a finished package second to none.   As such, please feel free to connect us to your agency, or ask for a referral to one of our regional design experts.  We derive a great deal of enjoyment in collaboration with our colleagues planning on your behalf how we can “exploit” all of the printing tools at our disposal.   We are more than willing to assist you to provide a seamless experience.  If you have a designer, we will be happy to work with the designer to ensure your design team member has all the information to create a beautiful design that is within spec based on your packaging.

Whether it’s technical design or creative, we can provide answers and resources. Design costs can increase when designs are created without full knowledge of the packaging requirements, dimensions, and constraints. We can provide a design layout to help your team create the perfect design for your product packaging.

We can also answer other design-related questions such as those about color, finishing, etc. When you select packaging, let us help you design the perfect visual identity to share your product with the world.


Design elements


Your packaging project has many options, when you choose MSI Flexible Packaging as your partner.  Because of our long-standing relationships and deep expertise in this industry, we have a trusted network of printers and service providers around the world. Through our network, you can be assured of having access to all the desired capabilities for your packaging project, including 10-color printing, a choice of finishes such as gloss or matte,  dual zone, and de-metalization.

Let’s talk about your packaging design needs. Email us at info@msiflexiblepkg.com.